BIØN Building Impact Zero Network


We are a partner in the Learn BIØN project, a collaboration to build and share our knowledge across borders. We are 7 partners in 5 european countries, a three year collaboration to share knowledge on vernacular building techniques. The project is co-funded by ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

More information about the project can be found on


AES is planning the workshop in Sweden, in august 2017. We will explore the traditional Scandinavian building technique of “Kubbhus” (Cordwood). Trough designing and realising a small building, we will explore how cordwood can be used in the built environment today. We will experiment with the wood and clay mortar to further study the possibilities of the materials. Through the workshop we hope to alter the way the technique has been seen as just an ancient building method and seek new uses.

Bion pictogram copyIf you are interested in participating in the Cordwood building workshop, send us an email to and let us know who you are. The project will be developed during the spring of 2017.


April 2017 – We build the 1:1 Cordwood test where we used local materials from the site; clay, sand, reeds and wood. We experimented with different trials.

March 2017 – Small models of a Lomax corner (load bearing), and wall-filling frames to experiment on possible designs. The small plaster models took our ideas one step further.

AK0_01---quincha#2 Building workshop takes place in Casaprota in Italy, july 2017. Organised by AK0. Apply to participate or find out more by visiting the website. Download the Workshop 2. Description.  Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 09.23.18





oc-2#1 Building workshop takes place in Montemor-o-Novo in Portugal, april 2017, organised by Oficinas do Convento. Apply to participate, more information can be found on the project website. Download the Workshop 1. Description