Awards/ Exhibitions/ Publications


2019 Erasmus+ Good Practices Award.

2012 Energy Globe Winner.  National winner for Fiji for the project Niubasaga Nimataka. The award recognized our efforts regarding social aspects, innovation and replication potential. To see more visit Energy Globe

2009 Women of the Earth & Yves Rocher Foundation Award. We were awarded first prize (5000€ ) for our remarkable work on Caqalai island. The project was recognized due to its involvement of the local community and the positive effects on the sensitive environment.  The prize money enabled us to continue working with the communities on Moturiki island, and funded the 2nd project. To read more about the awards  Women of the Earth, Yves Rocher Foundation.

diploma energy globe


2017.08.24 Article in Arkitekten “Globalt arktiektteam hjälper närodlare”.

2017 Article in LT

2016 Speaker at the seminar: Resource Recovery from water and waste: appropriate Solutions in Low and Middle Income Countries, University of Brescia

2016 Seminar Stronger than Winston, Stockholm

2016 Article in Arkitekten

2015 Presentation at Compressed Earth Building conference in Montemor-o-novo, Portugal

2013-2014 South of North network – Public presentations all through out the nordic countries in architectural venues.

Exhibition| Helsinki Design Week 2014, Finland

Seminar | Architects Without Borders | FFAR, Stockholm

Seminar | NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. Presented project and methodology for the masters course Architectural Design, Form and Color for the seminar “Transformative Learning Space”.

2013 Exhibition. Viserum Art museum exhibition “Architecture of Necessity”, Viserum,Sweden

2010 Presentation. Presenting the community work, methods and process for Pacific UN delegates, Niubasaga village, Fiji

2010 Poster presentation. International conference “Future Challenges, Ancient Solutions”, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji

2010 Environmental inspirer of the year. The magazine Leva gave the Award for ‘Environmental Inspirers of the Year’ to Anna Sundman & Elin Persson for their work on the project ‘Caqalai- A Vision of an Eco-Resort’. The different categories are posted on Leva’s website.

2010 Bula Fiji, Inselalltag in der Sudsee. Featured in the German documentary about Fiji today. link.

2010 Article in Leva. No12 2010

2010 Presentation of Caqalai project at Sofiero, Helsingborg.



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