Design and Build with 0km, Local and Recycled Materials

Nu finns Design and Build with 0km, Local and Recycled Materials att läsa och ladda ned. Materialet är skapat genom samverkans projektet BI0N, och materialet är skapat av våra partners ARCò – architettura e cooperazione



Design and Build with 0km, Local and Recycled Materials

Design and Build with Ø km (local and recycled materials), a 4 week building workshop in Milan, Italy. During this workshop we built with recycled materials and low tech building methods to suit the needs of the Casa Chiaravalle community.

Design and Build with Økm (local and recycled materials) in a real context, prototyping 1:1 object for the development of new activities of the local community. The aim is to create a physical and theoretical space that allows the discussion of local sustainability, and explores the potential of alternate low cost building techniques.

Why local and recycled materials? Mainly for the necessity of a responsible use of natural and unconventional resources, valorizing and respecting local architectural tradition and culture and looking for appropriate techniques with minimum processing and transportation. In addition to minimising environmental impact and economic costs. This mixed approach creates a very important reflection over the sustainability subject. The quality of a building is surely linked to a complex vision of architecture, that does not only ensure the efficency of it’s own parts but also considers energetical problems and social involvement.

In the workshop we will show how to manage some techniques related to a modern and rational form, to demonstrate how this type of approach can be really developed in a “normal” context, not only from an economic point of view, but also thinking about the architecture local context.

Mer information om projektet finns på BI0N

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