Design and Build with Cane

Nu finns Design and Build with Cane att läsa och ladda ned. Materialet är skapat genom samverkans projektet BI0N, och materialet är skapat av våra partners Canya Viva



Design and Build with Cane

4- 31 March, 2018

Design and Build with Canes, a 4 week building workshop in Colleserola Natural Park , Spain. During this workshop we built an external covered space of 30mq to be used for cultural meetings and for theoretic classes during CanyaViva’s courses cane construction.

We understand each of our projects as a social meeting place, a labor camp, learning experience, research, exchange of knowledge and active involvement in the processes taking place in our environment.

The secret, both at a technical and constructive level, is cooperation: the synergy between the elements. It is the union of the arches that generates form and volume. It is cooperation between people, whose hands move and tie together, step by step, piece by piece, to give life to the space. It is a completely handmade process and is achieved in a short time only through cooperation. Each arch transfers their weight through the columns, none of which are made of a single canya.

Through the observation of natural systems and the search for new solutions, CanyaViva has developed a sustainable building technique based on the optimisation of mediterranean cane and bamboo for their unique properties of form, flexibility, resistance and shear abundance, in order to build healthy and attractive organic structures.

Mer information om projektet finns på BI0N

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