Self Building in the Social Field

Nu finns Self Building in the Social Field att läsa och ladda ned. Materialet är skapat genom samverkans projektet BI0N, och materialet är skapat av våra partners HE2B.

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Self Building in the Social Field

The purpose of this guide is to enable anyone interested in self-construction to prepare for a future project: as an organizer, participant, beneficiary, neighbour, or decision-maker, in full awareness that material and humans play here in constant interaction. For this in each part, we will find a list of tools to best support these factors in the daily workshops. This guide was the specific task of the HE2B team (Haute Ecole Bruxelles Brabant) and its CÉRISÈS laboratory within the LearnBi0n partnership.

This guide offers four parts:

  1. Social dimension – To foster, develop and maintain a culture of participation within a group.
  2. Educational Dimension – Fostering, Developing and Sustaining Experiential Group Learning.
  3. Human dimension – Commit and invest personally in a participatory project.
  4. Socio-political dimension – Engage and invest in a large-scale participatory project.

Mer information om projektet finns på BI0N

Ladda ned, läs och sprid i ditt nätverk! Använder du guiden till ett projekt, ta gärna kontakt och berätta!

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