We have a Cordwood building – The finishing 4th week

The last week of the workshop, and plenty of things were completed. We started and finished laying the cordwood floors, using the cut up oak. All the walls were completed, all with its own pattern.

The eastern wall made up by the windows placed as a V, and walls filled by chopped birch wood and debarked oak logs. Above the windows we made the wall fillings by recycled wood.

The northern facade was made with a different feature. We cut up recycled timber in 20 cm long pieces and layed in a overlapping brick pattern. The wall softly curved to the opening, it made an interesting feature for the interior space.

The facade pattern for the building as a whole displays the load bearing structure and the braces for the wooden pillars. Within the slots, the individual pattern varies between cut up logs, smaller birch wood, recycled wood and wooden panels or windows.

The wood and its individual patterns makes for an interesting and warm architecture. It will be interesting to follow the development and the ageing of this structure.

A big thank you to all fantastic participants in this workshop, your contributions have been great! Thank you to Ali, Mumtas and Jamil for your generous approach and warm welcoming. And to Adim and Micke for the planning, support and engagement in the project.

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