Kubbhus (Cordwood) workshop in Ängbygård

AES team joined Sörmlandsmuseet cordwood workshop in Ängbygård, Björkvik. We learned from experts in the field about construction, mortar mix, historical examples, modern use and practical knowledge. Many thanks to Kjell and Olle for sharing the knowledge.

Kubbhus used as a collective term for houses with walls constructed of cordwood cemented together with the fibers more or less perpendicular to the direction of the wall along with some kind of mortar. Such houses are also called locally klabbhus, klanthus etc. In English, the technique is called cordwood masonry, stack wood or stovewood building, log-end houses, etc.

From this introductory workshop, we wish to further explore the boundaries of this material as a wall filling material, as well as a structural load bearing element in our future work. To investigate new architectural possibilities for this low-impact building technique in todays space making.

For more info, check out Olle Hagman‘s website.


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