South of North, Nordic Architects for Development

South of NorthAES will be participating in the nordic collaboration amongst other nordic actors. A great initiative to discuss and learn from other nordic NGO’s and architectural firms.  To read more follow South of North website.

“During the last decade, young architects especially in northern countries have been using their professional skills to alleviate poverty in the developing world. We, who share all the possibilities, wish to provide those for others. A physical building, erected in a poor neighborhood, is a strong manifestation of a better future.

Interestingly, all the teams invited to participate in the exhibition list respecting local traditions as their principles. However, all the works, despite being built all over the world, do share common elements. The exhibition project enables the young teams to set the architecture under critical examination: what does our nordic background bring to the projects? To whose taste is this kind of aesthetics? Is there a nordic indentity in the buildings without us realising it?”

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